New Delhi, Today, the trend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing in every work., AI remains in limelight after the arrival of ChatGPT., with the help of chatgpt Only Coding is being done, but from writing songs, those works are also being done, which were not thought of before that they can also be done with the help of technology., Real great now, An author has written 97 books with the help of artificial intelligence in 9 months,

business Insider India According to a report, sci-fi writer Tim Boucher has achieved this feat with the help of Claude from ChatGPT, Midjourney and Anthropic., In an article for Newsweek, Boucher explained that he had developed the AI ​​image generator Midjourney. Use books was done to portray, Used ChatGPT and Cloud from Anthropic for text generation, written by boucher books Contains 2,000 to 5,000 words and 40 to 140 AI generated images,

Boucher’s Speak is that an ai tool Help From books took six to eight hours to complete, some books Only wrote this in 3 hours, Boucher Inn books To Online now 1.99 and 3.99 , selling in, “AI has been very useful in helping me promote my creative work,” Boucher said., Enabled me to increase my production and maintain quality, i can’t do it without ai,,

ChatGPT is writing everything from songs to books
It’s not that Boucher invented AI. Help first time since Book written, From generating human-like text to randomizing song lyrics and books, ChatGPT, salesman in england Work Brett Shikler, also of ChatGPT Help From Book writing a lot Famous Has happened, Shikler made 30 pages in a few hours Book chagpt Help written from,

Similarly, in February 2023, Amar Resi, a product design manager based in San Francisco, also launched ChatGPT and Midjourney. Help From Only One for the kids in 72 hours Book wrote down, their Book “Alice & Sparkle,” the talk of the town on Twitter, Many criticized it and Wonder expressed how the AI ​​Image Generator is of use to them Use tax someone New making cheese,

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