The wife of ‘The Great Khali’ looks like a celestial nymph, beats even big actresses in beauty, see photos soon, Who does not know ‘The Great Khali’, who rules the WWE world, on hearing the name John’s real name is Dilip Singh Rana of ‘The Great Khali’, whose height is 7 feet 1 inch and his weight is said to be around 150-160 kg. He is a resident of Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. You must have thought many times in your mind that after all who is the wife of Great Khali, today we will introduce you to his beautiful wife who gives water to big actresses in terms of beauty. so let’s know

The wife of ‘The Great Khali’ looks like a beauty queen

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Great Khali’s wife looks like a queen of beauty, the name of ‘The Great Khali”s wife is Harminder Kaur, she is a resident of Nurmahal, Jalandhar. Both were tied in marriage in 2002. According to media reports, Harminder Kaur has graduated from Delhi University. After a few years of marriage, Khali ventured into wrestling after which everyone came to know him. Despite the difference in height between the two, a lot of love is seen between the two.

Khali’s wife beats even the Apsaras of Jannat in beauty.

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According to some media reports, when Khali was asked in an interview how romantic he is, he told that he keeps giving surprises to his wife at home. And whenever he gets a chance, he also plans a party for his wife. Talking about showing films, he says that he avoids going to crowded places, so that his family does not face any problem. Along with this, he also goes on many tours with his wife.

how long have ‘The Great Khali’ married

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Wife of ‘The Great Khali’ looks like Apsara, beats big actresses in beauty, see photos soon

Both Khali Mein and Harminder Kaur married in 2002. And after 12 years i.e. in February 2014, their daughter was born. Khali’s daughter’s name is Avleen Rana, who is now 9 years old. According to Harminder Kaur Rana, she wants to see her daughter in wrestling like her husband. which is his dream.

‘the great Khali’ eat that much food in a day

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Seeing such a big body of Khali, you must have thought that how much food would he eat in a day, then according to a media report, Khali was asked how much food do you eat in a day, he told that he eats 5 kg of chicken. Apart from this, 50 eggs and 10 liters of milk are also included in his diet. They can eat at least 60-70 bhaturas on cheat day which is common for them.

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