Nowadays even the videos of function parties held in schools and colleges go viral on social media. In which teachers are sometimes seen dancing, then students also win the hearts of people with their excellent dance performance. One such dance video is going viral where in Farewell party, a girl did such a bang dance on stage that people are just praising the dance.

The girl rocked the dance at Farewell party on Bollywood song:

In the video going viral on social media, you can see a girl wearing Mehroon colored lehenga and golden blouse is present on the stage. While there is a crowd of students and teachers in front, this girl is seen dancing on the famous Bollywood song “Param Sundari” on the stage.

The energy and expression of the girl along with the dance step as per the lyrics of her song is tremendous. Seeing his dance there, people are making noise and clapping while cheering up. So the dance class of the girl is being praised a lot on social media too. The girls performed their dance with the leaders and everyone is liking it.

The video of this scintillating dance performance is doing the rounds on social media. Which has been shared on YouTube channel Akanksha Patel. Which has got 1.5 million views and 135k likes.

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