Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has recently made a big statement after taking his team to the playoffs once again in the 16th season of the Indian Premier League. Actually Rohit Sharma has talked about those players, who have no work left in T20 cricket. Not only this, along with this he has made up his mind on JioTV and has also said a lot about the mindset.

Rohit Sharma’s statement caught everyone’s attention

Rohit Sharma, the regular captain of Team India and captaining from Mumbai Indians, has recently given a big statement, he said while talking to GeoTV,

‘As I see it, there is no longer a role for anchors. Sometimes you may face such a situation and then someone needs to groom the innings and reach a good score. Anchor has no role anymore, players are playing differently.

big deal on mindset

Rohit Sharma did not stop here, he has also said a big thing about the mentality, he has said that,

‘If you don’t change your mindset, you will fall. On the other hand, people are thinking differently about the game and taking it to the next level.

he is a very powerful hitter

Rohit Sharma compared himself to some of the biggies in which he said,

‘I just want to play like this and see what I can do. I have played this format for a long time and in a certain way, but now I want to try something different. It doesn’t matter to me if I get out while doing this.

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