Pollution and dust can make your hair lifeless, take care of them like this Increasing pollution level in the air is not only a matter of concern for scientists and meteorologists, if you are also troubled by problems related to hair, then behind it some of your daily Habits are responsible, before pollution wreaks more havoc on your hair, know about these habits, to avoid this, definitely include these five easy measures in your hair care routine.

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hair care

When you are traveling, due to dust, pollution and sunlight, your hair starts getting damaged and breakage, not only this, the natural shine of the hair also goes away. In today’s era, everyone is troubled by the problem related to hair. If hair is falling then you are troubled by dandruff and thin hair.

We often blame busy lifestyle, unhealthy diet and pollution for these problems, but these factors alone are not solely responsible. Some of our bad habits are also responsible for this. We do many things that affect our hair. Damage happens. We are telling you about some of your habits due to which your hair is getting damaged.

steam treatment will help

To avoid this, you should take a steam spa once a week or you can also take a steam bath, use blow dryer and heat styling tools regularly for styling. This causes a lot of damage to the hair roots. Excessive heat weakens the roots of the hair, due to which the hair starts to look dry and lifeless. In this case, you should use flat iron or heat styling tools only when it is very much needed. Along with this, use heat protective spray or serum to avoid its effect. And you can also take steam treatment.

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consuming the right amount of protein

It is very important to take a healthy diet to keep the hair healthy for a long time and a protein rich diet is very beneficial for you when it comes to hair health, often after washing the hair we rub it vigorously. towel. Due to this the hair gets tangled and starts breaking. Whenever you use a towel to remove excess water from the hair, always dry it with light hands.

You can use cotton cloth instead of towels. Tying the hair tight It is often necessary to tie the hair tight to make a high pony. In such a situation, if you want to save your hair from becoming weak, then do not tie them tightly. Always tie your hair loosely at night or sleep in the open. This will improve the blood circulation of the scalp and your scalp will be able to take sufficient amount of oxygen.

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