It often happens with many people that some unwanted fear haunts them. He feels intimidated wherever he goes. In such a situation, they do not understand what to do for this. But do you know that a candle can remove this fear of yours. Along with this, it can also get rid of other problems. So let’s know about the benefits of candles from Acharya Indu Prakash in Vastu Shastra today.

According to Vastu, a black colored candle should be lit in the north direction, it does not cause any kind of fear. Actually, north direction is related to water element and water element is related to black color, so light a candle of this color in this direction. According to Vastu Shastra, by lighting a black colored candle in the north, the middle son of the house does not face any kind of problem, he does not have any kind of fear from anyone.

Apart from this, burning a black candle in the north direction also removes problems related to the ear and you are sure of the ear, that is, you listen carefully to what others say, so that you are able to answer them properly. This was discussed in Vastu Shastra about lighting a candle in the north direction of the house. Hope you will definitely take advantage of these tips.

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