Daughter is no less than mother, daughter gives competition to Malaika in boldness, see pictures Talking about Urfi Javed, the actress is always in the discussion on social media for some reason or the other, everyone knows this thing, to stay in the discussion Despite this, Urfi Javed is also very famous for his fashion sense. And that strange honor always leaves people baffled!

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Urfi Javed is famous for wearing strange dresses

Seeing this dress of hers, everyone must be wondering how she made this dress, while her fashion sense is always discussed in the comment section on social media, while some people do not like her very much, while some people like her. Do not get tired of praising.

Urfi Javed’s mother is becoming very viral on social media

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And now recently her mother’s pictures have also gone viral on social media where people have been seen comparing both mother and daughter. In which you can see that his mother is more beautiful than Urfi. In such a situation, Urfi became the center of attraction of her mother.

Mother Zakia Sultana is two steps ahead of daughter Urfi in beauty

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Actually things are going on that her mother is more beautiful than the beautiful actress Urfi Javed, yes, recently a video of her mother is becoming quite viral on social media where people are seen comparing daughter and mother. have been In such a situation, people say that Urfi Javed must have gone to her mother, that’s why she is so beautiful and bold.

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How many people are there in the family, including Urfi Javed?

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For information here, let us tell you that Urfi Javed’s mother’s name is Zakia Sultana and her mother has 5 children, out of which four are daughters and one son. Urfi takes care of all of them as they all are younger than her.

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